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epoxy floor coating company in Uptown Orlando, FL
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Epoxy Flooring in Orlando, FL

The Best Epoxy Floor Installers in Orlando FL

Garage Epoxy flooring in Orlando, FL

Garage epoxy flooring in Orlando, Florida is an ideal solution to adding a sleek finish to any garage! Epoxy flooring adds beauty and functionality by increasing the durability of your Garage floor to help you make maximum use of your Garage space. Epoxy is a tough, resilient material that comes in various colors and textures that can be used to create unique Garage designs like checkerboard squares or starbursts across the Garage interior. With Apex epoxy flooring in Orlando, Florida you’ll have your Garage looking it’s best while also safeguarding surfaces from potential damage. Whether used commercially or residentially, epoxy Garage flooring adds value, style, and protection when properly installed.

We have a variety of options for your garage to make it look and function like new. We offer solid, metallic, or quartz epoxy floors with any color you want! Our warranties are lifetime so there's no need to worry about getting them repaired later on if something goes wrong in the future- just give us a call."

Residential Epoxy Flooring in Orlando

Apex Epoxy Flooring is a top rated service provider of epoxy floor systems within the Orlando. Our knowledgeable professionals have installed epoxy floor surfaces in various settings, such as factories, warehouses, showrooms, & office spaces. We only use state-of-the-art tools and techniques, and our epoxy floor coatings are backed by an extensive warranty. With us, you can be sure you will have a long-lasting epoxy floor that withstands the ages.


Each finishes has its very own set of benefits that may be tailored to your specific needs. As an example, our solid epoxy floor is perfect for high traffic areas because it is really long-lasting and easy to maintain. However, our metallic epoxy flooring is good for making a unique, one-of-a-kind look and feel. We're certain that we can easily provide you the best possible epoxy floor coating solution to meet your needs, irrespective of whether they are industrial or domestic.

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Orlando Epoxy Flooring 4 Layer System*

Apex Epoxy Flooring kitchen.jpg

Kitchen Epoxy  Flooring in Orlando*

Our Epoxy Flooring Expert Services

Our Epoxy Floor Services

Revamp your flooring and showcase its true beauty with the help of our certified epoxy floor services. At Apex, we guarantee dependable service that provides a long-lasting and protective solution for all types of floors - no matter how drab they may look now! Our experienced staff provides you with expert installation to make sure every detail is perfect so that you can be proud to show off your stylish new surfaces.

At Apex, we provide a dependable and professional epoxy flooring service - making tired-looking floors brand-new again. Our highly experienced staff is committed to giving your surfaces the highest level of protection with an enhanced visual appeal that will leave them looking spectacular. We specialize in all aspects of this process so you can rest assured knowing everything is taken care of for you!

If you're looking to switch up the style of your home or office, epoxy flooring is an easy and durable way to give concrete floors a whole new look. Its glossy sheen gives any space a modern feel, while its strong resistance against stains & scratches makes it great for high-traffic areas. Plus, with so many colors and designs available – from vibrant hues to intricate patterns –, there's something that'll suit every individual preference!

Is your garage flooring tired and worn from all the wear and tear? Give it a makeover with epoxy coatings! They provide long-lasting, durable protection that resists fading & staining. Plus they won't crack or chip even in high-traffic areas - giving you peace of mind for years to come. Epoxy floors are also easy to clean and maintain so your space will always look spic 'n span! When you're ready for something new, go with an epoxy replacement - a perfect way to transform any room without breaking the bank!

At Apex Epoxy Flooring, we understand the importance of creating living spaces that both look and feel great. We offer attractive, durable epoxy floor solutions perfect for turning any room into a masterpiece! With experienced professionals guiding you through every step of the process – from design to installation - it's never been easier or more fulfilling to transform your home with high-quality epoxy floors designed to last. So if you're ready for an upgrade then come check out what Apex has in store; let us show you how easy beautiful can be!

Our epoxy floor solutions offer industrial workspaces a whole host of benefits. From providing long-lasting, low maintenance floors to being rugged enough for the toughest manufacturing settings and reflecting lighting to create brighter areas - our highly hard-wearing floors are perfect no matter what your requirements may be! Whether it's a heavy duty surface or waterproof material you need, we have an option that will last. Call us today for more information on how we can help bring lasting durability & protection to your workspace with one of our unbeatable epoxy flooring systems!

Concrete Floor coatings in Orlando

Concrete floor coatings can vastly improve the appeal, durability, and value of any Concrete surface. Concrete floor coating in Orlando makes installing a layer of protection onto concrete surfaces easy. Concrete floor coating provides excellent resistance to wear and tear, allowing your concrete surface to last much longer than it would without it. Not only is Concrete floor coating a cost-effective choice for surface protection, but it also serves as a decorative piece that adds style and vibrancy to your space. Get in touch with an experienced Concrete floor coating contractor today and rest assured that your Concrete floors are protected from damage and wear.

If you're searching for a reliable and economical flooring solution that can handle the hustle and bustle of commercial activities, look no further than epoxy floors - they are scratch-resistant, simple to clean & maintain and even boast anti-microbial properties. This makes them well suited in areas where hygiene is paramount such as food preparation venues or healthcare facilities. Using an ecofriendly option like this additionally reduces your carbon footprint making it both beneficial for health standards along with being more budget friendly!

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Epoxy flooring company in the Orlando area that you can depend on

                                        5 Benefits Of Epoxy Floors:

Experienced, Licensed, and Insured Epoxy Flooring Company Servicing Orlando & Orange County

Listed here are five ways epoxy floors Orlando could improve the quality of your life:

1. Eye-catching in appearance: One of the greatest features of epoxy resin flooring is that it can be constructed to match almost any design personal preference. You can pick from an array of shades, finishes, and patterns to flawlessly complement the look of your property or business space. Furthermore, epoxy floors produce an all natural sheen that may give even the drabbest room a more appealing & pleasant overall look.

2. Increases floor safety: Are you aware that epoxy flooring can really enhance the overall safety of your property or business office? This is because of the fact that epoxy floorings are non-slip, minimizing the chance of accidents, slips & falls. Moreover, epoxy floor coatings improve floor visibility so people aren't bumped into things when moving around your room or space.

3. Highly affordable: Epoxy floor is not as expensive as you might believe. Epoxy floors are generally pretty economical when compared to the other kinds of flooring. The reason is that epoxy floor has got a longer lifespan, which means you do not need to change it as often. Besides, epoxy floorings are simple to install and maintain, which in turn further reduces the overall cost.

4. Not hard to maintain: Epoxy floor coatings are incredibly very easy to clean, which means that you won’t really need to utilize a professional to accomplish it for you. You just need a broom, mop, as well as some soap and water. On top of that, epoxy floor coatings are resistant to stains and spills, which means that you don't need to bother about them becoming too dirty.

5. Durability: One of the best aspects of epoxy floorings is they are extremely durable. Conventional floor systems quite often chip or break when they are exposed to lots of use and abuse. Epoxy floors, on the other hand, will not degrade or crack that easily. This will make it an excellent option for spaces that experience a large amount of visitors or heavy machinery. As an added advantage, epoxy floor coatings are usually resistant to a variety of household chemical substances, so you will not need to bother about spills harming them.

Epoxy Installation Professionals:

Contact us if you want to discover more about epoxy flooring and exactly how they could benefit your office or home. We're a totally licensed, insured, & bonded company. Our objective would be to give clients with the very best epoxy floor experience possible. If you live in [LOCATION], call us right now for your epoxy floor coating requirements or with any queries you might have with regards to epoxy. We would gladly offer you a totally free consultation & estimation.

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Our Additional Service Areas

We Serve the Orlando, Orange County, and surrounding areas including:

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All of our floor coatings are backed by our exclusive Life-Time Warranty!

Our experienced team of garage floor coating professionals has decades of combined knowledge and experience. You will never have to worry about a job being done poorly. We always use the highest-quality materials and industry-recognized best practices for installation

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