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Industrial Epoxy Flooring Orlando, Florida

Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coatings Orlando Florida

Industrial-grade epoxy floor coatings can be an aesthetically pleasing solution to any Orlando business’s industrial space. These Coatings can add a professional edge that lasts. These heavy-duty solutions are designed to protect floors from chemical exposure, physical wear, and tear, as well as moisture absorption. Industrial-grade epoxy provides superior durability in comparison to traditional materials, while also giving your space a unique aesthetic appeal.

With an industrial-grade epoxy floor coating in Orlando Florida, businesses can benefit from increased strength and safety without having to sacrifice style. From customizable colors and designs to long-lasting protection against all forms of corrosion, these specialized solutions give businesses an extra edge when it comes to attracting employees or customers – all with the peace of mind that the beauty won’t fade over time.

In addition to providing lasting protection, industrial-grade epoxy floors come with the added assurance that they are compliant with all applicable national codes and standards – making them a perfect choice for any commercial setting. With standard applications taking only one day, there’s no excuse not to get started on protecting your space today!

Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coatings - A Perfect Solution for Many Spaces

Industrial-grade epoxy floor coatings are a great solution for businesses and spaces that need to prioritize protective, durable flooring. From warehouses and manufacturing plants to commercial facilities and residential spaces, industrial-grade epoxy floors provide an aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting solution.

Here are just a few of the many areas where industrial epoxy flooring may be applied:

  • Warehouses: When it comes to large, open spaces with heavy foot traffic and/or machinery – such as warehouses – industrial grade epoxy offers superior protection against wear and tear while also providing a sleek finish.

  • Manufacturing Plants: Manufacturing plants are often filled with corrosive substances that can damage regular floor coverings. Industrial-grade epoxy provides a safe, long-lasting option that won’t deteriorate over time and is compliant with regulations in terms of chemical contact.

  • Commercial Facilities: For high-traffic areas or those exposed to harmful elements throughout the day, industrial epoxy is an ideal choice. These specialized solutions provide strength, beauty, and protection to any commercial setting.

  • Residential Spaces: Industrial epoxy isn't limited to business use - residential homes can benefit from these long-lasting floors as well! In addition to being easy on the eyes, industrial-grade epoxy provides the durability needed for busy families who may have pets or children running around their homes.

Step-by-Step Process for Professional Installation of Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Orlando

Professional installation of industrial epoxy flooring is the best way to ensure that you get a long-lasting, durable and attractive result. Here is what you can expect from a professional service:

  1. Preparation: Professional installers will begin by grinding down the existing surface to remove any contaminants, attach any loose pieces and make sure that the area is completely flat. This important step ensures that your epoxy will bond with the surface correctly and last for years to come.

  2. Repairs: If there are any cracks or holes present in the flooring, professional installers will repair them before applying any epoxy coating. They may use a patch material or other specialized methods depending on the extent of damage present in your floor.

  3. Primer Application: Once all prepping steps have been completed, they will then apply a primer coat which serves as a bonding agent between the substrate and epoxy coating. This layer also helps make sure that no air bubbles form during the application process.

  4. Mix Epoxy Coating: Next comes mixing the epoxy according to specifications provided by the manufacturer – always use appropriate safety equipment when handling this product! – and then ready to begin applying it onto your floors using either a medium nap roller or an airless sprayer depending on the situation at hand.

  5. Application: Now it's time to start from one corner of the room and work way out towards its opposite side spreading it evenly with consistent overlapping movements so that no gaps remain untreated for optimal results!

  6. Allow Cure Time: Adequate cure time needs to be given; this usually takes anywhere from six hours up to 48 hours depending on the environment temperature and humidity conditions so please refer to manufacturer instructions beforehand!

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